Lana Del Rey interview with D – la Repubblica.


Lana Del Rey was recently interviewed by Italian Magazine D – la Repubblica. Here she talked about her career, her upcoming album ‘Ultraviolence’ & more! You can read the full interview below!

” What do you see in the mirror? “
A stressed out girl turned upside down by fatigue. On tour days, I begin at 4 in the afternoon with soundcheck
and end the day at 2 in the morning, after I totally dedicated to the public and to those who are in the dressing room to greet me.”

What do you do when you’re tried? “
I look in the mirror and tell myself *Let’s hope that everything goes well today. I hate having problems with my family and with my music
even for little things like the sound during the concerts.
” What music do you like to listen to? “
I like the soundtracks of films such as American Beauty, The Godfather and Scarface but I also like grunge, Mark Lanegan and Nirvana.
I also listen to Jazz Chuck Baker, Nina Simone, Billie Holiday. Then Bob Dylan and all the musicians of that period.
” First memory of music? “
I was 15 or 16 years to fight my addiction to alcohol I was sent to Kent School, a private boarding school in Connecticut where I had many friends.
But a very young teacher, Gene Campbell, introduced me to hip hop and the beauty of the scores.
Not to change the subject, but why do you smoke so much? *she lit another cigarette* Does it not harm the voice? “
Maybe so, but it is good to me. I am calm. I admit it: smoke, smoke, smoke. And I’m a bitter drinker of coffee. At concerts I need a cigarette before,
during and after. And during the break, along with a cup of coffee.
She says she is shy, how do you stand in front of an audience of 5 thousand people?
Getting on stage is the part I like least about my job. I love to write and produce music, not everything that comes after the realization, in order to promote an album.
” How do you react to criticism? “
Not well. If you have written something negative about me and I learn about it, I get sad, but I try to make sure that the criticisms do not compromise my creativity.
” Where and when do you compose music? “
I’m a nocturnal animal. I write at night, outdoors, with a lot of noise, with the TV and radio on. Smoking and drinking coffee.
For four years I have created music with the same group of people, with the exception of Dan Auerbach, with whom I produced my last album Ultraviolence.
Are the millions of records sold the measure of its success?
Personally, I use two parameters. First, find a musical community to belong to. Second, knowing that the community respects me and my work. Unfortunately, I have to say that, musically, I have not found my tribe. People who want to really well and with whom to share a sense of camaraderie. Perhaps my aspiration is romantic, but I think of Bob Dylan in the 60’s, when he arrived in Greenwich Village and found his “common” folk music emerging. Nine years ago, arrived in Brooklyn, I tried it myself. But I had to settle for a watered-down version. I was hoping to find people who wanted to make art their life. Maybe I found them in London, where I lived for four years. And now, I live in Los Angeles, I’ve been living here for seven months, it’s my escape: I love to swim, go to the beach every day and drive along the coast, listening to music.
Why did you pick “Ultraviolence ” as an album title?
Matter of musicality. Ultra is a sweet sound, as opposed to the meaning of the next word. I recognize it well: my essence is sweet, but in me there’s also a violent streak came to light in the last 4 Years.
What’s the common thread?
Unlike Born to Die, focusing on those three years destructive of alcoholism, Ultraviolence does not have a real time. Its compactness is in the sounds, energy. It’s ambient music, the atmosphere blends with the sound of jazz California 60 years ago.
What’s your favorite song from the album?
The first, Cruel World, which then gives the rhythm to the whole album. Those twenty-five seconds of guitar I call them “narco-swing” listen to them and you’ll feel like you’re under the influence of drugs. It is so for seven songs, then the pace slows down and becomes ballad, and then increases again in the last twenty minutes.
With all your success, how do you manage to keep your feet on the ground?
Keeping a normal person close to me is very important. Normality and anonymity are two essential elements for my creativity. Luckily I have formed a family with strong roots so it’s easy to collect good fruit. I also live with my siblings, they help me keep my feet on the ground.
You live with your brother and sister in LA?
I’ve always had a central role in the family. Even now that I live with my sister, 24 years old, and my brother, 20: Caroline is making a career as a yoga teacher, Charlie studied Cinema at UCLA. I do everything I can to try to help them pursue their passions.
They say Lana Del Rey is eccentric, but in real life you’re a very simple girl
psychologically I define eccentric, but this is often misrepresented in interviews. Maybe because I’ve lived different lives, It’s like I’ve been reincarnated different times.
Thank you for the long chat. I was biased …
All I am, before you meet me. I do not know what to do. I can only try to talk honestly and let my personality come to the surface. I do not want to inspire others. But I want to be a nice person.
What does it mean to you?
A patient individual surrounded by loved ones, a generous person that seeks serenity.”
Have you succeeded at that yet?
I don’t feel at peace yet, maybe because I haven’t found my tribe yet.