George Clooney wants Lana Del Rey to perform at his wedding


George Clooney is said to be planning to pay Lana Del Rey to perform at his upcoming nuptials to Amal Alamuddin, as his fiance is a big fan.

A source revealed: “Amal is a massive fan of Lana’s, which has made George determined to make this happen.

“He contacted Lana’s people to see if she’ll perform at their wedding in Italy.”

The source added: “Of course, unlike Kimye, George doesn’t know her personally so he can expect to pay a hefty fee.

“But money is no object. He’ll pay Lana whatever she wants to make his wife-to-be-happy.”

However, ‘The Monuments Men’ star may need to consider another wedding singer, as Lana hasn’t yet confirmed whether she’s willing to take the job as she is worried about her reputation.

A source told the Daily Star newspaper: “Lana hasn’t told the couple yet whether or not she’ll be able to perform. But she’s wondering whether it might look tacky to sing at two of the most high-profile celebrity weddings of the year.”