Lana Del Rey interview with L’Uomo Vogue.


From the Chateau Marmont terrace, Lana Del Rey- stage name of Elizabeth Woolridge Grant,

born in 1985, with her auburn hair, flaming red lips, elegance of a LA-Mexican beauty pageant vintage version- introduces herself in an unexpected hilarious and deep way.

“If LA has a centre then it has to be Chateau. It’s a very important place for me and it has inspired many of my videos. Destruction, Hope, Dreams, Elegance, Opulence: there’s everything “

She then talks about Ultraviolence, named by Anthony Burgess’ book A Clockwork Orange. “I always knew I would’ve written an album titled Ultraviolence because I was really interested in the concept of Ultraviolence, a very contemporaneous topic. The meeting of Dan Auerbach has definitely stimulated me even more.

Only the fact that he was interested in my work stimolated me to start composing and writing- at that point I called my fiend Lee Foster (who owns a studio in NY) and booked 4 weeks.

So I started producing on my own with my guitarist and my band

Then I met Dan in a club and he convinced me to follow him in a studio in Nashville where we recorded with a band from Brooklyn. It has been such an amazing experience: his energy has been crucial for my creative process.

For the first time I sang live with my band, it was very natural, different from everything I have done in the past.

Ultraviolence is composed by autobiographical songs where Lana explores toxic relationships where the woman is too attracted to her partner to understand the physical and mental abuse.

Every album for me is a whole new experience. With its own story. Someone songs express themselves through the melody, other times through the atmosphere. All my albums have their own genesis and their owns lives.

Often to find inspiration I go into my car and just drive through Los Angeles, especially in the night when there’s no traffic.

One of my favourites streets is the Sunset Boulevard, which goes from Downtown’s Pueblo to the Pacific Ocean.”

“In Ultraviolence I wanted to explore the Technic aspect of music, and my interest in composition.

The album starts with a song titled ‘Cruel World’ where the guitar plays a 25 seconds interlude which define the general sound of the album.

It’s the start of a journey, a journey made by melody that brings us from the west to the east coast.

The forth track in fact is Brooklyn Baby while the last one is the other woman by Nina Simone, a very important story.

The sequence of the songs in this album is very important and the fact that I decided to end it with the other woman gives me the possibility to create a connection between the tracks, combining them with different feelings and images.

The most important musical passions are movie soundtracks and Nirvana: “I’m Nino Rota, Samuel Barber, Thomas Newman e Giorgio Moroder fan and Giorgio has become a very dear friend of mine. I hope I can collaborate with him for my next album.

The first time I listened to Kurt Cobain I was 11, he was the most beautiful man I had ever seen and even though I was very young I could hear his sadness and as the philosophy and metaphysic

Josiah Royce said “Without roots there are no trees” and so Kurt planted a seed inside me.

“I’d like to transmit a positive message, In the last few years, chasing my dreams and making my them become real, I’ve learned to things: to never give up and when we are fighting for what we love we are happier and stronger”

(Credits to @ConeyIslandGod for translating this interview)