Lana Del Rey interview with La Repubblica Newspaper


“How does this cat look like to you? Does it look like a wild cat?”, says Lana Del Rey joking about the arm of her chair. “Sometimes it looks more like a mouse, but I like to think it’s a wild cat, covered in gold.”

The singer is surprisingly approachable, happy and especially kind. “I’m not very good at talking so ask me anything you want. I’m here for this.”

“For me talking to people, like we’re doing now is very important. A question is just as important and interesting to me as the answer.”

The conversation between the two of us goes on for more than two hours, even though they told me I only had half an hour.
She keeps saying thank you for the time I’m spending trying to get to know her better. She says: “I’m very shy and I’m always embarrassed when people are interested in what I do. I’m not an exhibitionist.

“Sometimes I read things about me that I don’t think I’ve ever said but that doesn’t change how I act and speak. I Always try to be myself and everything I can do is be honest, but I can’t control what they write. At the very beginning I was very hurt because of all the lies and bad things that people wrote or said about me, but I learned that nobody should be offended by the critics.”

“I’ve always wanted to be a normal person because that’s how I really feel creative. If you don’t have strong roots you’ll end up being confused, but my parents have always been very supportive. They taught me to be good to myself and others. They have always reminded me to be patient with the people I love and care about.”

“I still feel insecure musically because I’m still looking for my tribe. When I came here to Brooklyn 9 years ago I had this romantic aspiration to find an artistic community where I could fit in. It’s the relationship I have with other artists that make me a true musicians, not the amount of albums I sell.”

“I’m happy that I could help Caroline find her own path, and I also love my brother Charlie, and it makes me full of joy knowing that I could help him find his direction and get into a movie university. When I’m with them I never want the starring role, they’re always at the center of my attention.”