Marina and the Diamonds talks about Lana Del Rey


On collaborating with Lana Del Rey:

A long time ago, we heard about a possible collaboration with Britney Spears or Lana Del Rey.
With Britney Spears ? (laughs). It would be a weird one. Lana, I love Lana.

With Lana, it could be possible for you?
I don’t know, I mean I haven’t seen her for like four years. It really depends on a song, if you get only that person, all of these other factors you know… So we’ll see, you never know. Never say never.

On being compared to Lana Del Rey

“At the starting everyone was comparing me to Lana,” she told me at the time. “You will always be compared in that fashion when you are a girl. People zero in on the fashion, on stuff like ‘well, she’s a got a curl and Lana Del Rey has a curl…they must be the same thing’. I adore her, think she’s tremendously talented. However, I’m glad the comparison has gone away.”