The Weeknd talks about Lana Del Rey in interview with Pitch Fork


The Weekend was recently interviewed by Pitch Fork & was asked about his collaboration with Lana Del Rey on his album ‘Beauty Behind The Madness’. Read what he said below!

Pitchfork: What character did Lana Del Rey play on the album?

The Weeknd: Me and Lana have been friends for a long time. I’ve inspired her, she’s inspired me. I feel like we’ve always been talking to each other through our music. She is the girl in my music, and I am the guy in her music. It’s just this ghostly collaboration that feels the most natural on the whole album. Even the whole monologue intro on “Lonely Star” from Thursday—I just realized now that that’s Lana. That’s Lana’s voice. [laughs] I mean, it’s my voice pitched up, but it’s her, it’s who she is. She was definitely the first feature that I wanted to bring on this album.