Lana Del Rey unpublished quotes from Complex magazine (2014)


In celebration of the release of her third album, we revisit some of the unpublished quotes from her interview with Complex magazine that took place May 12, 2014, on the roof of Brooklyn’sWythe Hotel. Read them below.

On Doing “Ride” With Rick Rubin
I was writing that Paradise edition, and originally was writing it as a follow-up record, but nobody wanted to release something eight months later. It ended up being a re-release-slash-second edition, and I loved this demo I did with Justin Parker, who I wrote a lot of things with like “Video Games” and “Born to Die,” “National Anthem,” and Ferdy Unger-Hamilton at EMI hated the song. So I think him and Rick had been talking and Rick was like, “What’s going on with Lana? Can she come over, I hear she’s in L.A.” I think I had been over to say “Hi” to him first. Just to say “​hi.” We took a walk in Santa Monica—he takes the same walking route every morning. Then a few weeks later I brought him “Ride,” and he really liked it. Working with him was good, I was still in my old car, my old Mercedes that was barely making it down that hour-and-a-half drive down to Shangri-La Studios in Malibu, and it was really good. He has this sprawling lawn with all these bunnies and palm trees. He was very relaxed. It was good.

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Lana Del Rey at Rough Trade, London signing (September 18)


Lana Del Rey hosted a meet & greet at Rough Trade, London to celebrate the release of new album ‘Honeymoon’ on September 18. Lana Del Rey met & spoke to 125 lucky fans at the store for a few minutes each. Lana Del Rey will host another singing in New York, Herald Square at Urban Outfitters on September 19.

Lana Del Rey interviewed by The Weekend for Interview magazine (German issue)



ABEL: Lana!

LANA: Abel!

ABEL: Where do I reach you?

LANA: I’m sitting in a little, picturesque Square in Paris, whose name I can never remember (laughs).

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Lana Del Rey interview with Urban Outfitters

approved pub shot

About A Band: Lana Del Rey

Cameras snapping, celebrities crashing to the ground after a long night out, classic movie scenes in black and white—the old Hollywood image was there from the very beginning, when Lana Del Rey’s big bouffant and even bigger voice nearly broke the Internet the moment the opening bells of her debut song, “Video Games” tolled.

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Lana Del Rey covers French magazine ‘Les Inrockuptibles’


Lana Del Rey is on the cover of French magazine ‘Les Inrockuptibles’ September issue for the 2nd time. The cover photo was taken by her good friend Neil Krug. You can purchase her September issue HERE.

Lana Del Rey nominated for an EMA Award


The 2015 EMA nominations have been announced and Lana Del Rey is nominated for ‘Best Alternative’ along with Fall Out Boy, Florence + The Machine, Lorde & Twenty One Pilots. The EMAs will air live from Milan, Italy, on October 25. You can vote for Lana Del Rey HERE!

Lana Del Rey covers GRAZIA France


Lana Del Rey has returned on the cover of Grazia France for it’s September issue which is out now & can be purchased here. The issue includes an interview with Lana Del Rey.

Lana Del Rey covers Germany’s issue of ‘Interview’ magazine


Lana Del Rey is on the cover of Germany’s October issue of ‘Interview’ magazine. Lana Del Rey was interviewed by her good friend The Weekend & was shot by Jork Weismann. You can watch a short preview of her issue below.